• Fenrich

Fenrich Final Big Board

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Final big board. I guess there are a couple main things:

  1. No change in the top-8. If there was to be change, it'd be probably be dropping Darius Garland behind Doumbouya. I haven't written his (Garland's) profile yet, but I'm not sold on the size/strength or passing/creation.

  2. Doumbouya's size, age, and (occasionally streaky) shooting really impressed me. Am intrigued to see how he develops and where he lands.

  3. In a draft full of high-level role players, Grant Williams and Chuma Okeke have gained more and more ground for me. I envision them both as potential contributors to winning teams and absent more star-potential prospects, they kept climbing up my board.

  4. Cam Reddish dropped 9 slots which was really me just getting over all the pre-Duke hype. I hope he figures it all out, but this may just be who he is.

  5. Nassir Little only went up a spot, but I'm kind of high on him developing into an intangibles type of go-hard guy who contributes to winning the way Grant and Okeke can.

  6. Darius Bazley bumping up 14 spots is twofold: I was influenced by one Bug who did extensive scouting of him and it encouraged me to trust what I had seen of Bazley as a HS senior - tons of fluidity, length, and imagination as a playmaker.

  7. Daniel Gafford and Naz Reid are dropping for different reasons. Gafford because I continue to accept that the value of rotational bigs isn't that great. Naz for the same reason Grant and Ukeke are climbing: his defense and effort just aren't there. If he can ever flip an effort switch, he can make me look bad and I hope that day comes because his talent is unique.

  8. Carsen Edwards jumping 8 spots and Tremont Waters coming in at 72 somewhat goes against my general preferences of not loving smallish guards, but at the end of the day, both guys are players, they just have a built in hurdle that's going to make it tougher to succeed.

  9. Several guys that made climbs on the backend of the board did so because 8 players I had previously ranked pulled out.